14 years of daily laughs and a lifetime of love.  Gabby climbed like a goat and stole anything she could drag into her crate; even workboots and tools! Gab pulled weeds and dug holes on command.  She loved to hunt bugs...or anything for that matter, even if it was bigger than her...shovels, the vacuum, the air compressor, kids on bikes, all fair game for Gabby. She was FEARLESS!  Her favorite treat was a ride in the car. She would just sneak into the car and wait.  Where's Gabby?  "In the car"...time for a ride.....Oh what we wouldn't give for just one more ride.  We miss her everyday.

AKA - Doodles, Skeeta Bump, Punka-Head, Little Girl.

​Gabby 1999-2014




Cooper  -  Cool as a cucumber, and as big as a horse.  His nick name is Hamper, because he loves laundry.  Dirty or clean, Cooper drags pieces of laundry all over. Don't take off your socks near Cooper, they will disappear and end up out on the lawn! 

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​AKA:  "B", Big Dog

Bishop Jones    2001 - 2011

Bishop was sweet & gentle, and protected Gabby.  Where she went....he went. He stood guard over her and put up with her antics. Bishop was happiest following his daddy around. Cutting the grass, loading firewood, taking out the trash, Bishop was right alongside helping every single step of the way. His favorite toys were golf balls....buckets of them!  Go outside?  Take a golf ball.  Come in the house? Get a golf ball.  Say hi to a neighbor?  Leave them a golf ball.  Bishop left us much too soon, but his buckets of golf balls will stay forever.

​The New Kids! - Shelby and Cooper

Shelby - Our busy bee!  We call her Rooster...just because!  Shelby does EVERYTHING fast....sit fast, hug fast, up fast, down fast. She is sensitive and sweet, and won't think twice about giving you a good verbal scolding...yup...she's a talker!

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