Tubbs Dog Wash

​    ​31 Mays Landing Rd., Somers Point NJ 08244


Holiday Hours

Open Wednesday November 23rd 10-7pm

Closed Thanksgiving Day

Open Wednesday, December 21st, 10-7pm

Christmas Eve. - 10-5pm

Closed Christmas Day

December 31st  - 10-5pm

Closed New Year's Day

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November 26 & 27 10-4pm

Sunday's in December 12-3pm

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday 10-5pm

Closed Wednesday

Thursday, Friday 10-7pm

Saturday 9-7pm

Please see our Holiday schedule below!

Professional Dog & Cat Grooming​    Self Service Dog Wash!

In Somers Point NJ

Tubbs Dog Wash in Somers Point

 Tubbs - Affordable!  Convenient!

Fun! Easy! 

Tubbs Dog Wash is a cool new place where you can take your pet for a "Do It Yourself" bath!

Here at Tubbs, everything you need is right at your fingertips & there is no time limit!

Our Packages include use of:

  •  Custom Designed Raised Tubs

  • Temperature Controlled Water.  No Scalding!

  • Several Types Of Shampoo, Conditioners and Treatments

  • Wash Cloth, Shammy's, Towels

  • Face Wash, Ear Cleaner

  • Brushes, Combs, Scrubbie's

  • Paw Brush, Nail Clippers

  • Pro Style Forced Air Dryers

  • Waterproof Apron For You!


​​What is Tubbs Dog Wash?

Constant trips to a groomer can be expensive when all your pet needs is a good bath.  Self Service washing is an affordable alternative to all those groomer visits...and IT'S SO EASY!

Let's face it, bathing the dog at home is a messy back breaking chore.  Dog hair ends up all over you and the bathroom. It clogs up the drain.  You and the bathroom get soaked with water and all those fur filled smelly towels...YUCK!

Wash The Dog, Wash The Bathroom, Wash The Towels.....It's a drag.

If you wash your dog outside mosquito's are always on a mission to eat you alive. Your lawn ends up a furry, soapy mess, your back hurts, and of course, just when you think you've finished up...your nice clean wet pup takes a good roll in the dirt!

No appointment needed for Self Service!  Please Note: Reservations recommended for our Giant Suite.   Please call for full service grooming appointment.

Why Self Service?

A Self Service Doggie Bath House & Spa     Full Service Grooming    Retail Shop